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Books featuring Gabriela Rodil:


Life Stories of Success in the Face of Adversity

Today’s Inspired Latina is a book of inspiration and hope, a poignant collection of personal stories that will activate your passion. These are success stories that need to be told, to motivate our community and generations to come. By overcoming language barriers, self-doubts and other obstacles in their way, these strong Latinas are a great example of how inspiration and perseverance can lead you to happiness and success in business and life. It’s a positive, empowering read for anyone sitting on a dream and thinking it can’t come true. Today’s Inspired Latina shows that it can!


Stories of Community, Impact and Legacy

Spun with inspiration, priceless wisdom, and humor, the Today’s Inspired Leader book is a collection of stories that depicts men and women at their best—achieving success, learning from failures, and finding the path to a life of significance within their work, families, and communities.By sharing the rich tapestry of their experiences within their personal and professional worlds, each leader opens our minds to possibilities within our own lives, and where we can journey if we let vision, grit, and faith lead the way.

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