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The “Business Whisperer” and “Parachuting CFO” are just two ways industry colleagues and media refer to Gabriela Rodil. A global executive with proven management consulting chops, she provides expert financial, operational and organizational strategies and tactical advice. Gabby Rodil is an international businesswoman and award-winning entrepreneur, who has an amazing ability to get the best out of people from all walks of life. She is particularly strong in bridging cultural gaps among diverse groups using interpersonal intelligence. In addition to her vast business knowledge, Gabby speaks fluent Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and English. Originally from Brazil, this business mogul has made her mark all around the world, living in and or having extended assignments in over 20 countries. Gabby currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Fig Factor Foundation, a nonprofit that empowers young Latina women. An articulate speaker and gifted writer, she is also a contributing author to Today’s Inspired Latina. Gabby’s global perspective and many storylines speak directly to people’s pursuit of purpose and continuously leaves audiences feeling fearless about their future. Ultimately, Gabby’s defining passion is to motivate women to find their voice, inspire all audiences in the room, and empower others to work for the change they want to see in the world. You can do it. Today is your day.


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