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The “Business Whisperer” and “Parachuting CFO” are just two ways industry colleagues and media refer to Gabriela Rodil. A global executive with proven management consulting chops, she provides expert financial, operational and organizational strategy and tactical advice—with an “all-in” energy and passion that takes growing companies to the next level.
When you first meet Gabriela Rodil, she’ll smile widely, shake your hand firmly, and ask you to call her “Gabby.” Immediately, she defies the stereotypical bean counter oftentimes portrayed on film as bland, passive and awkward. In sharp contrast, Gabby’s energetic and vibrant persona sets the tone for endless possibilities.

Gabby was born and raised in Brazil. A few million miles later, she has lived or had extended assignments in over 20 countries including Canada, Mexico, China, Belgium, France, Argentina, Guatemala, Italy and the US. Her immersion in other cultures and interaction with people has allowed her to develop an artful way of communicating with a broad range of personalities, functions, and across diverse cultures. Gabby has an amazing ability to get the best out of people from all walks of life. Gabby is particularly strong in bridging cultural gaps among diverse groups using interpersonal intelligence. She speaks fluent Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Italian and English.

In her 17+ years of experience in multiple industries and markets she became a multilingual, global executive with deep financial and leadership experience. She focuses on transforming businesses and individuals to achieve greater success. She has a strong background in finance, strategic planning, IT, operations, risk management, human resources, and leadership. Gabby has an extensive track record in repeatedly producing sustained revenue and EBITDA growth in dynamic and changing environments.

Prior to launching her own firm early in 2015, Gabby served as the Chief Financial Officer for Flexan, a 550+ employee multinational manufacturer headquartered in Chicago. There she was in charge of planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial related activities of the corporation worldwide. She had responsibility over accounting, finance, forecasting, strategic planning, legal, IT, human resources, deal analysis and negotiations, insurance management, business risk mitigation and placement of private and institutional financing.

Under her leadership, the company developed and implemented strategic and tactical plans for short and long-term financial and operational goals. Including the implementation of an ERP system throughout the US operation. The results were off the charts! All goals were met or surpassed, overall profitability of the corporation went up 300 percent.

Her experience also includes leadership positions serving companies such as Plante Moran, Heico, Spectrum Brands, Schlumberger and KPMG.

Gabby serves on the Board of Directors for The Fig Factor Foundation, a nonprofit that empowers young Latina women. An articulate speaker and gifted writer, Gabby is a contributing author to Today’s Inspired Latina. She has been featured on WGN Adelante Chicago with Lourdes Duarte and on the pages of Inc., Halfstack and IL CPA magazine.

Gabby earned her MBA with emphasis in international business from the University of Miami School of Business, a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado and an associate’s degree in accounting from the Universidade de São Paulo.

Gabby is very close to her only brother Danilo Rodil, his wife Tati and their two children: Theo and Isabella. Gabby says that “Tia Biba,” as Theo and Bella calls her, is the most beautiful phrase in the world! Gabby is surrounded by great and supportive friends, colleagues and clients who continue to inspire, teach, and challenge her to accomplish boundless feats. For the last seven years, Gabby has called Oak Park in Illinois her home. She lives there with Ursa, an 8-year old Golden Retriever-Labrador mix rescued by Gabby in Mexico City while she was living there in 2007. Ursa is great at greeting Gabby as though her arrival is the first in a very long time, a metaphor for the joy that can only hail from boundless love!


1. Trustworthy

Integrity comes before all things.

2. Pragmatic

Data-driven approach to deliver results through deep analysis.

3. Courageous

Saying what needs to be said and working through discomfort amidst ever changing and challenging circumstances.

4. Vision Seeker

Connecting the power of your vision to guide your people toward extraordinary results.

5. Creative Thinker

Possibilities do abound guided by Gabby’s vibrant and dynamic personality. Creative thinking removes barriers and builds a path toward real growth opportunities.


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