Gabriela Reyna

gabriela-reyna2GABRIELA REYNA, LUTCF

Owner, Ponce-Reyna Agency/Farmer’s Insurance


What are a few things you directly influence in your business?

I have control over my target market for my services and the types of products I want to offer them. The hiring process is under my control and I am always looking for people that share the same values and culture as my agency – people that want to learn and grow with the agency. I want to make sure we get the right people. I also can control the time I want to invest for my business and how I invest my time for my own personal life and business.

How do you put yourself in the driver’s seat?

For me, it is very important to see my goals in the future. I really believe in the power of vision boards. As soon as I decide to go after a goal, I create the path to make this a reality. This gives you a sense of urgency for making it happen and keeps you accountable.

How about a tip when things spin out of control?

The first thing I do is change my setting. If I have a problem and am overwhelmed, I go for a walk or run. I’m doing something with my body to release all my emotions. Then I start thinking and coming up with solutions.

Any story about a time when you were influenced by someone – even in a small way — and perhaps they never knew?

Before becoming a business owner, I had a very controlling husband. He was a marine and we were living in a military base. Physically and emotionally I was abused while I was with him. One day, while I was watching TV, I saw an infomercial for Anthony Robbin’s products. This was in 1999. He talked about being in control of your future. I went to the library and found a set of his CDs and I started learning more about him. I started putting together how I was going to leave this abusive relationship, and in 2001 I took my kids and escaped. Anthony Robins doesn’t know it, but he changed my whole life. He became my life coach. In 2008, I had a chance to meet him in a seminar he did in Chicago, and in December 2015 I tool a master course with him.

You received the Influential Women in Business honor from the Daily Herald Business Ledger. What did this award mean to you?

When putting together the materials for the award nomination, I felt happy and strong. I learned how I had impacted so many people’s lives and how they see me as a professional. When I received the award, I realized that when you are 100 percent committed in doing things right and you focus on helping others, amazing things start happening. I also realized how lucky I am to have the ladies I have in my life. They are all strong and amazing themselves. I felt very humble but I also see their hard work. I really care about my customers and love what I am doing.

What advice would you give a new college grad?

If you know what you want, you need to start working in the field and getting the experience employers are looking for. You need to find a job that is aligned to what you are pursuing or at least something similar to what you are pursuing. As a business owner the first thing I look for in a resume is hands-on experience.

I would also advise college students to find your passion in your first two years in college. This will save you a lot of money and time. Find your passion, and don’t listen to what others have to say. It feels amazing to work in something that you love!