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Motivate and inspire your audience to explore the possibilities that abound with Gabriela Rodil

Sizzling with passionate perspective, intelligent in her remarks, Gabby’s energy is infectious as she connects audience members with the possibilities yet to come. Through her humor, global business experience and personal stories from her successful business life as a Parachuting CFO, audience members are left feeling like the next generation of their life and work is there for the taking.

Keynote Topics:


Sometimes, it takes a powerful force outside ourselves to see how fast we can really run and how far we can really go. Gabby brings boundless passion and multinational corporate experience to pull back the curtain of opportunity for audiences of all business backgrounds.

  • Rediscover the Future of Your Business
  • Diversity in the Workplace: from Statistics to Opportunity!
  • Critical Thinking: the Difference Between Good and Great
  • The Future Secret Weapon for Business Success: Collaboration


Her global perspective and many stories from business’ front lines speak directly to people’s pursuit of purpose. Gabby leaves audiences feeling fearless about their future. You can do it. Today is your day.

  • Being a Powerful Woman: Successfully Navigating the Workplace
  • Men and Women Standing for Equality – a Roadmap to Bringing the Movement into the Workplace
  • Meaningful Conversations: making a difference one interaction at a time


Gabby opens up space for possibilities in business and in life. Known as the “business whisperer,” her unique insight and stories from the front leaves audiences tooled to build a high-achieving purpose in the workplace and at home.
  • Getting Your Dream – Work, Life and All In Between
  • Words, Actions, Results – the Tripod of a Fulfilled Life


If audiences didn’t understand confidence before, they will after hearing Gabby’s stories about failure, success, truth and relentless tenacity. Her message? There’s no stopping on your road to greatness, and titanium-strength confidence paves the way.

  • Taming Your Finances – Your Money, Your Terms
  • Personal Productivity – How to Never Again Say: “I Have No Time”
  • Failure as an empowerment tool. Really.


Gabby dismantles the myths and ruts that sabotage many businesses. She sparks the conversation with big advice on the top financial concepts vital to thriving in the marketplace.

  • Ultimate Audit – Going Beyond the Audit Plan to Find Value
  • Budgets That CAN Be Used to Run a Business – Top-Down, Bottom-Up and Everything In Between
  • Cash Flow – From the Statement to Business Decisions
  • Effective Communications: Techniques, Tools and Tips for Presentations, Email and Report Writing
Gabriela Rodil is a featured author in Today’s Inspired Latina book

Boundless possibilities are right up ahead. Are you ready?


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