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How? By rethinking what is possible. After all, you are a trailblazer. You created and/or lead a business.

Look beyond the next 180 days. There is innovating amidst growth. Hiring and keeping the brightest people. Scaling up or retrenching. New divisions or product lines to launch. Planning a successful exit. Shareholder and market value for your company – in the making. A potential global market to play in.

Gabriela “Gabby” Rodil offers strategic consulting to transform companies bound for growth. She offers insight, coaching and management consulting that transcends the obvious and digs deep to elevate companies beyond what they thought was even possible. Through her speaking and writing, audiences are left changed and empowered by Gabby’s high energy style and relevant stories from business’ front lines. Whether your seat is in the conference room or convention center, Gabby paves the way to rediscover your future by connecting your vision, people and operations in revealing and unconventional ways. And Gabby is, without question, unconventional.


Gabby reimagines companies, connecting them with extraordinary results, clearing hurdles, and creating a future based on defined targets.


Sometimes you need someone walking beside you, creating the path with you. How can you be the best in both your life and in your work? What are your potential risks?


Motivate and inspire your audience to explore the possibilities that abound with Gabriela Rodil. Gabriela Rodil is a featured author in Today’s Inspired Latina.


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